Wednesday, May 4, 2022

They Can't Stop Us

Those who choose to view abortion as unethical have a right to their own value system. That's the whole point of "Pro-Choice." It's entirely possible to view abortion as unethical while understanding that its a personal choice. A constitutionally granted freedom of choice is exactly what allowed their Christian value system to enrich their lives without any risk of enforcement from the other direction.

It's an attack on human rights masquerading as "enlightened." It's the foremost issue determining whether a politician understands a separation of church and state.

It seems like people generally understand when we say "Abortion is THE issue."

Among dozens of other entirely legitamate implications currently filling our news feeds, abortion rights represent the baseline of modern politics. Its strength or vulnerability can tell us a lot about the present moment.

It represents the will of the people in a way that pro-lifers and red voters and the far right don't want to accept, because it conflicts with their preconceptions about the true majority of US citizens who advocate for progress.

The far right isn't blind. They entirely understand the direction the country is moving in. Labor rights and unions are becoming the norm. Capitalism is under attack. Has there been any other era in history when so many people all at once have shouted and screamed "fuck billionaires?"

Grown increasingly enraged and emboldened, more and more progressives are running for local elections and frequently winning. The people are taking charge, and the far right is scared. So in their heads, combative decision-making on behalf of the far right minority is the best offense. But each time this happens, it only emboldens progressives even further.

This is why the red states need the filibuster. They need the electoral college. They need the ability to redraw maps whenever possible. Because they know that they can't win without cheating.

It won't happen this year, but the end result is a restructuring of our constitutional rights system. By the time this is over, both reproductive rights and same-sex marriage rights will be permanently unbreakable.

Essentially, the far right's long-game is fucked. They're scared. They didn't see any of this coming 6 years ago. They saw a "victory" that actually represented the beginning of their inevitable demise.

We were recently thinking about where we'd be right now if Mitt Romney had won in 2012: We're guessing he would've been a soft republican president. It's very likely that Hilary would have won against him in 2016, extending liberal complacency far enough that a progressive uprising like what we're now experiencing would likely not exist. In reality, Covid and the Summer 2020 protests both occurred under the worst possible circumstances of US leadership; by default, literally anyone else in the entire world would have done a better job. So under this theoretical scenario, Dumbass Hillary would have probably done an ok enough job to secure another term.

I think we've been underrating the effects of progressive emboldenment under President Doctor Professor (2016-2020). The progress we've made in the past 6 years might have taken decades to achieve under liberal leadership.

So the far-right can threaten us with changing the constitution all they want. Progress is going to keep happening with or without their support or leadership. They can't stop us.

But despite our eventual triumph, the loss of this one major battle is a pretty devastating one.

26 states in 2022 will create laws that force people to have children, whether they want to or not. This prospect signifies a new disgusting benchmark for the state of the union. This is the worst it's been in my lifetime, which is really saying something.

"How could this happen with a blue president while dems have a majority in congress?" Because dems don't actually have a majority. A majority entails enough votes to get anything done. With a true majority, this wouldn't be happening.

Fight the real enemy. Centrist liberals allowed this to happen. Fossil fuel companies and weapons manufacturers and the billionaire class ensure that centrists remain just as desperately sneaky and scummy as the far right. There's a very good reason why the DNC stole Bernie's delegate lead and handed it to the guy who got 5th place in the Iowa Caucus and then forced the media to reframe Unky Joe as the guy who was everyone's favorite all along. The whole thing is connected.

So I take back what I said earlier --- There's one other prospective scenario alongside the defeat of capitalists. We're going to win eventually, but only if the opposition doesn't exterminate us out of existence first. They're going to have to kill us to stop us. And they probably will without a violent uprising. It sucks to admit the hard truth, but this won't be won peacefully. And a lot of people aren't going to understand that until it's too late.