Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Uncle Acid's first interview

What have you got planned for 2012?

UA: I don't like to plan anything. But, hopefully, record another album, play some live shows, re-release Blood Lust on vinyl and survive the apocalypse. We'll just see what happens...

"Ima Eat Her A$$"

The past 2-3 days have presented quite a few noteworthy song debuts... In addition to the new Silversun and Japandroids (both posted earlier), there's the new Broken Water and while we're getting somewhat used to weird-news from The Flaming Lips, we are somewhat excited to hear a song they recorded with Ke$ha and Biz Markie called "2012," simply out of sheer curiosity.

Oddly enough, even Bieber's new single sounds decently fresh.

However, we're slowly starting to get tired of the Lil B thing. This would not fall into our 10 favorite songs that we've discovered this weekend. Like, once upon a time back in the late 90's, Ol Dirty Bastard was both interesting and funny while doing the "obliviously dumb rapper" thing, while Lil B is neither interesting nor funny. The music is not exciting and it's actually difficult to get through 45 seconds of this. Apparently there's a good "ab lib" section to this song, but we weren't able to get that far. In either case, hipsters will be shitting themselves in amazement when they wake up to this Wednesday morning...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

T.Scene Newsletter: March 2012


Our SLUT LIFE cassette-comp is complete and has started making the rounds. A few of the artists on this tape have been psyched & generous enough to dub additional copies and spread the love! So it's likely that this tape will stretch beyond the initial run of 60 copies. If all goes well, it should be available to stream online at some point, with a "Side A" stream and a "Side B" stream so that the track order stays intact, and so those who weren't able to receive a copy can still listen in their cars with a Bandcamp phone app or by downloading SideA.mp3 and SideB.mp3. Here's one of our special correspondents being lame and showing off the goods...

In addition to this, T.Scene has begun a temporary cassette-label of sorts... The first four releases have been announced as the following:

TS01 Lowt Ide / Dead Wives "Alanis More-Cassette / Jomo Coffin" (split) released 2/7/12
TS02 Dead Wives "Crud" released 2/7/12
TS03 Various Artists "Slut Life" released 3/22/12
TS04 Speedy Ortiz "The Death of Speedy Ortiz" released 3/22/12

TS02 and TS04 are re-issues of online releases, while TS01 and TS03 are both compilations. We have no expectations for this label to take-off and become a huge deal, and so these may end up being the only four T.Scene cassette releases.

In any case, all four tapes will be available this week at the following shows featuring our pals in SPEEDY ORTIZ and GRASS IS GREEN...
3/28/12: Flying Object in Northampton, Mass (with WENDY XU)
3/29/12: Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY (with DIEHARD, SHARK? and SQUAREHEAD)
3/30/12: Wesleyan College in Middletown, CT (with TWO INCH ASTRONAUT and POOLS ARE NICE)
3/31/12: Wacky Castle in Allston, MA (with PILE, FAT HISTORY MONTH and STATE CHAMPION)

In addition to a shit-ton of shows, SPEEDY ORTIZ have also finished recording Sports EP which is due for release in late-May on Exploding In Sound Records. EIS posted a press release on March 12, while Speedy themselves released a digital-single a week prior:

The "Taylor Swift" single was met with mild controversy due to alleged "trademark infringement," but as the saying goes, any press is good press... And the single has continued making the rounds on the blog-circuit, detailed at Speedy's official Livejournal page.

HUGE NEWS from LOWT IDE has arrived with the completely unexpected announcement that they have actually finished their 5th album after 3 years of on-and-off recording. While it's currently still in the mastering stages, the half-band/half-social-experiment maintains that Tag Sale, due for release on April 9th, was allegedly produced by an Al-Qaeda leader and will include 19 new songs. More info on this coming soon. In the meantime, we forgot to announce in our February newsletter that they also uploaded their 2009 album The CEO's Collection onto Bandcamp:

No official word from DEAD WIVES regarding any recording or forthcoming shows, although their live EP ended up actually happening... The idea was in limbo for a while, but it's been released on their Soundcloud page, suggesting this as another "demo" release...

That's all for this hour. More announcements are comin' real soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012

new Silversun Pickups "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)"

Sounds like they increased the "shoegaze" influence for this new single... We're plenty excited to place this on Side A of our Spring-time mixtapes.

Their new album "Neck Of The Woods" comes out in May!

new japandroids "The House That Heaven Built"

Japandroids.Com was just updated within the last hour or so... "The internet pixies" did their magic. And the new single was posted as well, although no embedding has been allowed other than within Japandroids.Com itself. Here's the direct link to soundcloud:

Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

The new album (due in June, just in time for summertime/June-fest insanity) has been brilliantly titled Celebration Rock. Something tells us Andrew WK would hugely approve of this. The new single essentially sounds like "Younger Us" part 2... we're totally on-board. Count us in. Apparently, "Younger Us" will be included as 1 of the 8 songs on Celebration Rock... which is cool since it will probably fit-in with the overall feel of the album, but also a bummer since only 7 out of the 8 songs on this thing will be new to us... (And 1 of those 7 is a cover. Guess we'll have to wait and see...)

We're expecting the new album to sound like "House That Heaven Built" and "Younger Us..." referring to the singalong-party-anthem atmosphere. While we totally enjoy this idea, part of us is hoping to get proven wrong, since one thing we really enjoyed about Post-Nothing was the variety in texture... Side 2 specifically started out with the cathartic head-banger "Heart Sweats," moving into the spaced-out "Crazy/Forever," heading into "Sovereignty" which is closer to the "Younger Us" vibe in the way it could perfectly accompany a college-spring-break road trip, and closing with the droning and introspective "I Quit Girls." Once again, we'll have to wait and see what happens...

They also have new t-shirts which are unfortunately far less exciting than the classic "No God. Only Japandroids" design from a few years back (and their 2 other classic t-shirts from the same era). But in either case, we're excited as fuck to have new Japandroids songs in our lives.

"Glass Table Girls"

This was bound to happen... Here's one of the many jams we forgot in "Hot Mix 2011" a few months ago...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pet Milk live in a graveyard or something / new Broken Water single / MBV reissues are no longer a myth

Pet Milk from Philly performed live in an outdoor area that might not be a graveyard, but it sure looks like one... (It kinda resembles Gilgal Gardens in Salt Lake City... .... Embedding is kinda tough from this Bitby.TV... It seems they really don't want people talking about this on other websites... Whatever:

Also Broken Water are officially P4k-cool:

And finally HUGE news from My Bloody Valentine: They're re-issuing remastered versions of Isn't Anything and Loveless along with a 2-disc set compiling all their EP's and a few tracks labelled as "unreleased," which is just about as exciting as hell freezing over! Upon a google search the first result was pitchfork, so whatever...

quick fun post #3

we found the video of when mr dream robbed a bank

quick fun post #2

amazing video

quick fun post #1

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is the Odd Future we've all been waiting for.

Oh fuck this too...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Slut Life" tracklisting unveiled

T.Scene's first official cassette compilation, and the first comp overall since 10 years ago (the last one being "Trumbull Scene Volume 2" in the summer of 2002) is hopefully possibly getting released on March 22, which is 8 days from now...

Any of the bands on this comp who are currently out and performing shows may have copies available... We're going to try our absolute best to send copies out to them so they can be distributed to fans... The artists on this comp will also be encouraged to make copies. If it turns out to be an enormous ordeal, we may just end up posting the whole thing on bandcamp, because 60 copies divided by 17 bands is like... barely anything at all... Of course we would have to get everyone's permission before posting it on bandcamp, so it will probably be even longer before that happens....

Yeah anyway... The important thing is that we have a tracklisting! Somehow we were actually able to fit 18 songs onto this thing. Ch-check it:

1. Jeff Peck "10 Guitars"
2. Graph "New Place"
3. pools are nice "brother (song for friends)"
4. Two Inch Astronaut "What's Next"
5. The Smooth Hands "Do U Miss Me?"
6. Canti "Cheer Up, Chihiro"
7. Elves "Snow Daze"
8. Jamie Found Out "Murphy's Law and Me"
9. hooking up "Bitter"
10. Hubbell Mountain "So We Sank Our Heads"
11. Speedy Ortiz "Mark VI"
12. The Smooth Hands "Cinematic Cinescape"
13. Kool Keith "Drugs (Dowcet Remix)"
14. SARALEE "So Sorry"
15. Dead Wives "Mild (Live)"
16. Native Mode "Hortice Flays"
17. Lowt Ide "Chateau 19"
18. notes from underground "small girl"

Artwork and more announcements coming soon!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

david bowie live at the 10 spot 10/14/97

Senior year of high school was probably the only time I didn't hate public school, partially due to fun memories like this (mostly due to having practically no homework for a year straight)... On the day this David Bowie concert was shown on MTV, I heard some kids talking about it at school, and there was some promotion for it in the newspaper as well.. The Rolling Stones got sick or something, and so David Bowie had to fill-in for the premiere episode of this "live concert" MTV show... And it seemed like a big deal because of people talking about it, so I raced home after getting out of marching band practice (lol) at 9PM to tape it at 10, and this turned into the night I got really into David Bowie...

I know we say "this is the best thing that was ever on MTV" pretty often on this website, but seriously THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING THING EVER ON MTV.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

new shit: Ceremony / Mr Dream / Speedy Ortiz / FNU Ronnies / Three Mile Island / Rational Animals

new Ceremony video:

new Mr Dream EP:

new Speedy Ortiz single:

new FNU Ronnies single:

new Three Mile Island:

new Rational Animals single: