Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Top Biggest Hits of 2017

Here are some hit songs that topped every EOY list in 2017.

#9 David Liebe Hart f/ Tennessee Luke "Space Train"

#8 Poppy and Mimi Stilton "Blessed St. Squeaky Day of Squeakyvus"

This song is not on Youtube wtf

#7 The Banzai Predicament "Orphaned Skies"

#6 Chaos Chaos "Terryfold"

#5 Mike Tyson "You Think I Wasn't Comin' Back (A-hey-yay)"

#4 Elias Samson "There Ain't Nothing Cool About Omaha"

#3 Steve Harvey "I Don't Want To Do 'Ask Steve' No More"

#2 James Hurley "Just You and I"

#1 Neon Joe Bass Solo