Thursday, April 16, 2015


Everyone loves a fun Top 10 list. Mick's Picks Vol 1 (2005) was recently re-discovered on and we're not gonna post that here because it's not very good. Mick's Picks Vol 2 (2012) is on Lowt Ide's bandcamp.

For the third installment of Mick's Picks, we'll be observing the 10 best songs of Lowt Ide that are shorter than 60 seconds.

#1 "The Trashcan Song"
We don't actually know the real name of this song, but it used to play at Crown Marquis before the movie would start, as a hand would reach over and dump out the trash.

#2 "The Hymn of Healing"
A fan favorite.

#3 "Come Scab (Theme from "Afro Beach")"
The theme song to a show from the early '70s where 7 brothers lived on the beach and they all had really large hair like The Jackson 5.

#4 "I Got Judd in My Bones"

#5 "Creep"
Cover of the song by Stone Temple Pilots.

#6 "The Hymn for Free MP3 Download"
They were all really excited on TBN, jumping up and down and the preacher was really intense with mullet juice.

#7 "Captain Lou Albano Moved to Iraq So He Could Get Shot"
A true story about one night in New Haven, but we're not sure what year because we don't think Pedro's Animal and Hour Zero existed at the same time so I guess it was not a true story.

#8 "Fuck I Just Ran Over a School Kid"
Someone called and the caller ID said "Guy Charles" and this was the conversation.

#9 "Poem"
This is a cover by a band called Taproot that used to get played on K-Rock, and we thought it was annoying so we did our own version.

#10 "Second Chance"
Same deal as song #9. I think the original version is by Shinedown? That sounds right.

that dude with the weird eye

We are horrible. This guy has so much going for him. His romantic song "Trap Queen" totally went to #4. That means his song was the 4th biggest song in the United States not long ago. And yet, we are just really shitty scummy horrible people because we googled "what's the deal with that dude's weird eye?" Okay we actually didn't, but just imagine we did. But even if we did, it should matter more that his song went to #4. Not many artists with only one big hit can claim that they peaked at #4. We feel like "Paper Planes" probably peaked at #4. And after searching Wikipedia, it turns out that we remembered correctly. That's kinda pathetic, but not quite as pathetic as wondering about this dude's weird eye. We're very sorry. The song is what matters most. Not the eye. We also tagged "dirty south" for this post even though he's from New Jersey. We're fucking up a lot here.

Monday, April 13, 2015

TRL's Greatest Video Moments of Summer '99

Summer 1999. We don't know why TRL had become such an addicting phenomenon. But at the time, it was essential viewing. After the 50th time seeing "Sometimes," "Bawitdaba" and "Nookie," you start to notice things. Fleeting, bizarre images that seem very out of place.

What is the girl to Britney's left doing with her hand? And why did they leave that shot in the video??

Kid runs with the football. This shot is so weird. Why did they choose this shot?

Fred Durst directed "Nookie." So this was his call. A quick 1-second shot of Wes Borland's big, smiley, scary face during the build-section. Why??

Friday, April 10, 2015

"Asshole" & "One Foot In The Grave"

We kinda forgot the Tibetan Freedom Concerts were ever a thing. We feel like they were considered a huge deal at the time, but they were kinda completely forgotten by the time the late 2000s happened. Instead, people remember Woodstock '94 and Woodstock '99, which were both kinda horrible concerts with shit line-ups aside from the obvious highlights: Green Day, NIN, Porno For Pyros and Blind Melon in '94, and Rage in '99. Aside from Rage, '99 particularly strikes us as our choice for probably the worst rock concert or festival that ever happened, with neither show coming anywhere close to matching what appeared to be a relatively peaceful experience in 1969 (brown acid notwithstanding).

Also, festivals typically traveled during the '90s, like Warped Tour which started during the early '90s and still returns every summer to this day. But the Tibetan Freedom shows were standalone single-weekend affairs, similar to the Woodstocks and the big corporate festivals of present-day. As far as festivals in the '90s are concerned, the first two Tibetan Freedom shows ('96 in San Francisco and '97 in NYC) were probably the closest the '90s ever got to aligning with the peaceful drugged-out atmosphere of the original Woodstock.

We think Beck's performance of "Asshole" would have fit right in (and kicks serious ass compared to John Sebastian and Country Joe).

We have our hopes up that Beck will plan at least one acoustic tour sometime soon, with setlists heavily saturated in One Foot In The Grave and Mutations era.