Thursday, November 18, 2010

...and we're back!

After taking a long break, we're back on track. A lot has happened since the last TMK post, but there are many plans for the future, starting out with a reflection of what's been goin' down.. let's reflect........

1. You know those self-righteous people who think they're the shit because they never watch TV? (Not "people who don't watch TV," but anti-TV/anti-commercialism people who think they're so much better than the couch potatoes of the world..) Once upon a time, from May '06 until March '09, I did not have any access to broadcast TV, cable or otherwise. (I watched Netflix.) And now I'm completely "back in the game." I fucking love TV, and I just wanted everyone to know this.. The internet is still superior, but I need some balance..

2. Machete was less-than-impressive; however, everyone should see this movie anyway, because it's fucking amazing.

3. Sun Chips has stopped production on the awesomely loud biodegradable bags they started distributing early this year because they scared cats. This is why America is fucked. some commentary..

4. Recent university studies have shown that Rick Ross appeared in 2 out of every 3 music videos produced during 2010, or at least some bearded black man who looks exactly like Rick Ross.. who then usually turns out to be him anyway.

5. South Park fucked some crazy shit up over the past 6 weeks. Although they've been choosing their easiest targets ever (Jersey Shore, Bieber, Shake Weight, etc) it's still the best show on TV. (And yes, I've seen Mad Men.)

6. OFWGKTA is the most exciting thing happening in music, and I desperately want to be best friends with Tyler The Creator who I've been avidly following on twitter. Try this one.

7. I've never drank Joose, but I'm not sure what side I should choose for this issue... On one side, I would be pretty upset if my 17-year-old kid woke up hyperventilating at 5AM after drinking a couple of these things at a party. But on the other side, on twitter Andrew WK seems to be pretty upset of this being an example of "the man" trying to stop us from partying as hard as we possibly can. Or maybe I'm reading into this way too much...

8. Kid Rock somehow has perfected his ability to improve upon how huge of a shitpile he can produce with every radio song he releases. Just when you think his pile of shit could get any bigger or more diseased, he adds that special layer of diarrhea on the very top, and it not only contains tuberculosis and ebola, but wait.. yes, there's conjunctivitis as well! Right on! Back in 2008, Kid Rock WOW'd radio listeners with "Singin' Sweet Home Alabama all summer long." And now he's back with yet another predictably generic-sounding homage to classic rock radio, "I was born free." This guy is here for the true Americans. Bring back fuckin school prayer! Under GOD! Jesus is an American! And fuck them atheist communist socialist fuckers who tell you otherwise! Kid Rock agrees. "Born Free." .............

9. I was hoping to think of a few more things, but instead I'll just post this Dru Hill video I saw the other night...

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