Sunday, November 20, 2011

80's Guilt #48: Bobby Brown “On Our Own” (1989)

For those who have trouble remembering the summer of 1989, we can assure you that when the trailer for Ghostbusters 2 was first shown on TV, it was a HUGE fucking deal. Kids went nuts over it, and they ended up having the biggest opening weekend in box office history, although according to Wikipedia this record was broken one week later by Tim Burton's Batman. Both of these movies were associated with two of the strangest summer jams ever, Bobby Brown's "On Our Own" and Prince's "Batdance." (Both of these were also spun on the radio constantly.. In fact, "Batdance" actually hit #1, which is the type of song someone might expect to hit #1 in the UK...)

We had considered "My Prerogative" for this list, but the "Ghostbusters rap" section pushes "On Our Own" into certain-guilt territory, while a string of awesome hooks secures the pleasure. ("Batdance" is barely a song and not an official guilty pleasure, but it's been included below as a result of the video's WTF nature...)

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