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Here's what we knew about Krill before our interview:

#1 Krill used to be Jon, Ron and Lucky. But now they're Jon, Ron and Bob.
#2 Jon is actually Jonah, who sings and plays bass.
#3 Ron is actually Aaron, who shreds on guitar.
#4 Bob is actually Ian, who fucks shit up on the drum kit. He's been in Krill since Fall 2013.
#5 Lucky is actually Luke, who was their previous drummer prior to Fall 2013.
#6 Darl is actually Darl (but really he's actually Daniel, although we can't remember the last time anyone called him by that name) and for some reason he's been named Krill's general manager. He's also the bassist from that weirdo band Speedy Ortiz (a band that also includes this interviewer).
#7 Hayden is actually Hayden, who trolls Krill on twitter.
#8 Jon, Ron and Bob are all originally from Chicago, IL, while Lucky and Darl are from Newton, an adjacent suburb of Krill's current home, Boston, MA.
#9 Krill formed in Boston and have lived in both Chicago and Boston.

So here's the order of events that made this interview possible:

May 13, 2015. 7:45PM. I attempted to round up the members of Krill, but when the time came for the interview, only Ron was available, conveniently sitting and drinking beer with Darl Ferm who was one of the first people to book a show for Krill (at Wesleyan University in September 2011 with Ovlov and Dead Wives, at a show where all three bands coincidentally covered one Nirvana jam each).

At around 7:55PM, our interview was joined by David from Ex-Breathers - who contributed to one question - and Bob, who filled in a round of Q&A before the voice recorder lost its battery power.

May 14, 2015. 6:45PM. In New Orleans, we asked Jon to fill in an additional round of Q&A. It was interesting to note which answers aligned among the three Krills.

Two of the interview questions were submitted by members of Speedy Ortiz. But to start, I purposely tried to choose the worst lead-off question I could think of.

TMK: So do you guys get, like, really baked?
Jon: Like weed-baked?
TMK: Yeah.
Jon: No. Baked in the sun, for sure.
TMK: When did that last happen?
Jon: Today, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before.

TMK: You guys were calling yourselves “Jon, Ron and Lucky” for a while, and when Ian joined the band you dubbed him “Bob.” Where did "Bob" come from?
Jon: Well it was Ron and Jon, and so the third name was gonna be Yon, but Bob just stuck.
TMK: Yon's way better. But wouldn't Yon be spelled like "J-A-N?"
Jon: Oh, I didn't even think about that, but that would make so much more sense. I guess I was thinking "Y-O-N." Or "Y-A-W-N."
TMK: “Yawn?” Oh God, that's terrible.
Jon: Yeah, he's sleepy. That could be his band persona.

TMK: What is the best taco in Chicago?
Ron: In Chicago? My personal favorite was Lazo's Tacos.
Darl: Oh, the one near where you lived. Not Arturo's?
Ron: I used to live across the street from Lazo's and Arturo's, which were right next to each other, and had the exact same menus, were both open 24 hours, were owned by the same people, but one was called Lazo's and one was called Arturo's. But everything was exactly the same.
TMK: So you and Jonah used to be roommates?
Ron: That was just for a summer, yeah.
TMK: Was it the summer of 2012?
Ron: Yeah. We've lived together [in other cities] too.
TMK: Do you remember when Speedy Ortiz spent the night there?
Ron: Yeah.
TMK: How did you feel about that?
Ron: Good.
TMK: What was the worst thing Speedy Ortiz did while we were there?
Darl: We watched Wendy Vanity.
Ron: Did we do that while you were there?
Darl: Jon and I did. We went through the Wendy Vanity filmography on Youtube.

TMK: What's the best taco in Chicago?
Bob: Nuevo Leon in Pilsen.

TMK: What's the best taco in Chicago?
Jon: I like Lazo's which is next to Arturo's, and people will tell you the same, but I'm really a torta guy myself.

TMK: What's the best hotdog in chicago?
Bob: I don't necessarily have an opinion or care. No wait, I'll say Superdog.

TMK: What's the best hotdog in Chicago?
Ron: Superdog. Although it might technically be in Skokie. Also, my mom works in the Skokie Public Library.
Darl: What about sportin' peppers? How do you guys feel about that?
Ron: Pro.
Darl: Cream cheese?
Bob: That's nasty.
Darl: I had to make a hotdog at Shake Shack called The Shaq-Cago.

TMK: What is the best hotdog in Chicago?
Jon: Poochie's in Skokie. Or Herm's Palace. We used to go to Herm's in kindergarten and play Mortal Kombat with this kid who knew all the moves, but I was terrible at it. So I'll say Herm's, which is a weird name. It sounds like “hermaphrodite.”

TMK: This question was submitted by Darl Ferm. Why?
Ron: I really couldn't tell you. I get asked that question multiple times every day.

TMK: Why?
Bob: Just "why" in general? No comment.

TMK: Why?
Jon: Why not?

TMK: Is Hayden's hatred justified?
Ron: I think it's a defense mechanism.
TMK: Against?
Ron: I don't know.
Darl: Shit just got real.
Ron: I love Hayden.

TMK: Is Hayden's hatred justified?
Bob: My response is just "Hayden." Hayden be hatin'. That's just his way.

TMK: Is Hayden's hatred justified?
Jon: I don't think it's real hatred. I love Hayden, and I see into his soul.

TMK: This question was contributed by Devin McKnight. Have you ever been to the Denver Airport?
Ron: Ahh, I know what you've been watching... [referring to a conspiracy theory documentary about the Denver Airport]. Yes, I have been there. I didn't see any reptiles.
Darl: But did you see the murals??
Ron: I can only assume. There's a huge tent.
Darl: It's all tents.
Ron: It's in the middle of nowhere. Doesn't that seem a little suspicious?
Darl: Did you see the horse? Also, one of the “facts” in that documentary: There's a gate around the airport? Isn't that suspicious?
Ron: This is a little bit of a tangent, but we did play a show last night that was directly next to an airport. The show was outside.

TMK: Have you ever been to Denver Airport?
Bob: I have not.

TMK: This next question is Devin's question.
Jon: Why didn't Sadie have a question?
TMK: I forgot to ask her for one. Have you ever been to the Denver Airport?
Jon: Yeah, I have! I totally have. I went with my parents to visit my brother who went to school in Colorado Springs, and we flew to the Denver Airport and drove from there.

TMK: Did you guys go to each other's bar mitzvahs?
Ron: I did not go to Jonah's bar mitzvah. But he had a joint bar mitzvah party with one of my other friends. We had a mutual friend, and that's how we met.

TMK: Did Luke go to Darl's bar mitzvah?
Bob: I'm gonna say yes.

TMK: Was Luke at Darl's bar mitzvah?
Darl: Yes, someone put soap in his shoe during my bar mitzvah, because he was being extremely rude. I was reading the Haf Torah and he wouldn't stop shouting. It was one of the rudest things you could possibly do at the time.
Ron: You just couldn't control that boy.
Darl: And so some friends came to my aid I guess, without me knowing.
Ron: Liquid soap?
Darl: Yeah, his shoe was removed and someone poured soap into either his right or left shoe. I can't remember.

TMK: Did Darl go to Luke's bar mitzvah?
Jon: Yes. He was telling me about Luke at his bar mitzvah, so I don't know if Darl went to Luke's, but I assume he did. But Darl was saying that Luke was heckling him.

TMK: Was Darl at Luke's bar mitzvah?
Darl: Absolutely yes. It was well catered.

TMK: Was Darl at your bar mitzvah?
Ron: No.
TMK: Was Jonah at Ian's bar mitzvah?
Ron: No. We didn't know Ian until high school.
TMK: Was Ian at Jonah's bar mitzvah?
Ron: No way. Not that I know of.
TMK: Was Ian at your bar mitzvah?
Ron: No, I didn't know him at the time.

TMK: Did Darl go to Jonah's bar mitzvah?
Bob: No.
TMK: Did you go to Jonah's bar mitzvah?
Bob: No.

TMK: Did you go to Ron's bar mitzvah?
Jon: You know, I don't think I did because we became friends after meeting at a mutual friend's bar mitzvah in March of 2003. I didn't go to Ron's bar mitzvah.

TMK: Which one of you does the best at [the arcade game] Paperboy?
Ron: I think Bob may have done the best. I think he got to Friday. I think Jonah might have too. I didn't do as well as them.
TMK: You got to Thursday, but the other two Krills got to Friday.
Ron: They had a little more time to play than me.
Darl: I mean, we don't have to make excuses here.

TMK: What's the furthest you've gotten in Paperboy ever?
Bob: Friday.

TMK: How well did you do at Paperboy?
Jon: Good, but not great. I got to Friday. I think I could do better, but I need a lot more hours on it, and I don't wanna play on anything else besides the stand-up console.
TMK: So you gotta wait until you find another one.
Jon: Yeah, I feel like there's some nerdy app [with] another Paperboy machine. Maybe I should do that.

TMK: What are your favorite vinyl records?
Bob: That question doesn't make sense. Any vinyl release? Big Baby Huey.

TMK: What are you favorite vinyl records?
Jon: Like listening to them or as objects? I like Hoax. I don't like the music so much, but they have nice artwork. I really wanna do art on our stuff like that. I don't know how they do it.

TMK: What are your favorite vinyl records?
Ron: Like that I own?
TMK: Or that you don't own.
Ron: You mean like, they somehow have to exist on vinyl? It doesn't seem like a weird question at first, but it actually is.
Darl: Well #1, you're avoiding the question, and #2 Alam No Hris cannot be your answer.
Ron: Right, Alam No Hris does not have a vinyl release.
TMK: Why not?
Ron: Not enough demand.
TMK: Because there's no hris?
Darl: Can you stop avoiding this question?
Ron: Favorite vinyl record? Alam No Hris... in the future.
Darl: Great answer.
TMK: When's the last time you didn't hris?
Ron: I'm in the process of not hrissing right now.

TMK: What is the jammiest Krill song?
Jon: I guess I think of “jammy” as loose, and you can do whatever you want. At the end of "Dumbass in a Pair of Shorts," you can jam out for as long as you want.

TMK: What is the jammiest Krill song?
Ron: Probably "Dumbass in a Pair of Shorts," which we didn't play on this tour.
Darl: Will you play it again?
Ron: I'd be down.
Darl: “Piranha Girl” too.
Ron: We haven't played “Piranha Girl” in so long.
Darl: I know. Next question.

TMK: What's the jammiest Krill song?
Bob: “Trying to Catch a Sunflower.” It's a Grateful Dead song.

TMK: What's the grungiest Krill song?
Ron: Probably "Turd."
Darl: Will you play "Turd" tonight or tomorrow?
Ron: Do you want that?
Darl: We want that.
Ron: Will you play “Kaprow?” I love “Kaprow.”
TMK: We can do that.

TMK: What's the grungiest Krill song?
Bob: "Turd?" Sure.

TMK: What is the grungiest Krill song?
Jon: This song that we never released called “Becky.” It sounds a lot like one of your songs.
TMK: Like Speedy Ortiz?
Jon: Yeah, kind of.

TMK: What are your favorite power trios with the bass player as the singer?
Darl: Motorhead.
Ron: I guess I'll say The Police.
Darl: I'm changing mine to Morphine. As general manager of Krill, I should be included in this.

TMK: What is your favorite power trio with bass player as singer?
Bob: Dianogah. They're a trio with two bassists.
David (from Ex-Breathers): Rush. No, Minutemen. No, Rush.

TMK: Who is your favorite other power trio with a bassist-singer?
Jon: Ex-Breathers are pretty good.

TMK: Do you guys like Modest Mouse?
Bob: Yes.
TMK: What songs do you like by Modest Mouse?
Ron: *laughs* Hard hitting journalism.
Bob: Any song that wasn't written in the last ten years.

TMK: What Modest mouse songs do you like?
Jon: I like a lot of them. I like Building Something Out of Nothing - the whole album - which I guess is not a real album, but it's the one I like the most.

TMK: Do you guys like the Three Stooges?
Bob: Marx Brothers.
TMK: Who's your favorite Marx Brother or Stooge?
Bob: Harpo.

TMK: Who do you like in the Three Stooges? Or Marx Brothers. It was supposed to be Three Stooges, but Ian answered with a Marx Brothers answer.
Jon: I'll rank them all: Harpo, Groucho, Shemp. Fuck, who's the next one.... Larry. I like Larry. Curly's after Larry. And then Zeppo, and then Moe because he's a dick.
TMK: Which guys in the Beastie Boys do you like? Or which songs do you like by them? The connection is The Three Stooges, Beastie Boys and Krill are all groups of 3 Jewish guys.
Jon: Ohh, that makes so much sense! But didn't one of the Beastie Boys convert to being catholic?
TMK: He might have been Buddhist or something, but they were all born Jewish.
Jon: I like "Intergalactic." That song is goofy as fuck.

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