Saturday, December 31, 2016

At Long Last: The 10 Greatest Hit Songs of 2016

Happy New Beer everyone. It's time to party to the steamiest, most inescapable records of the year.

There were so many fuckin' hot jams this year that it was just fuckin' very tough to choose, but alas, there can be only 10 in the top 10 and these are those 10. Some dick from fuckin' The Wall Street Journal posted some bullshit top 10 yesterday. Yeah, we saw that, and it was buncha fuckin bullshit. Don't believe his lies.

Hot party jams like these ones don't come around every year. Keep em pumpin' all night. The hits never stop.

#10 Sextina Aquafina "Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus"

#9 Member Berries "Africa (Toto cover)"

#8 Dead Cold Inside "Not Really Living"

#7 Flame Princess featuring NEPTR "Spittin' Straight Flame"

#6 Bill Clinton & Bill Cosby "Gentleman's Club Theme"

#5 Your Space "Your Space"

#4 David Alan Thicke "The David Alan Thicke Song"

#3 Gary Young "Spit"

#2 311 featuring T-Pain "Down"

#1 Beetlejuice "Money Money Pussy"

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