Friday, January 12, 2018

Vids Are Alright 2017 #1: Young Thug “Wyclef Jean”

When Thrillist placed "Wyclef Jean" at #5 on their Top 50 Music Videos of 2017, the bloggers theorized that Young Thug's physical presence would have made this a "relatively forgettable" video. This assumption is largely incorrect. The video was already on its way to becoming something special since either version would have included 7-year-old cops and bikini babes smashing cop cars with bats in slow motion. Either version may have included Thugger's 13-second cameo, most of which is spent lip syncing while scarfing a bag of Cheetos. "The inherent chaos of celebrity life" was likely not itemized within the video's $100,000 budget, but its ensuing text narration propels it from great to GOAT. This is among the top 5 music videos of the 2010s.

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