Tuesday, August 17, 2021

2020 Movies

Did you watch a lot of movies in 2020?

We did. We watched like over 300 movies since lockdown. Shit was dope.

It was cool because we didn't have to "play catch up" in December to have a more complete picture of the year's best films (like what usually happens). For the first and possibly only time in history, everything was very easy to find from home.

Also cool: Quality films were consumed more widely than usual, because the $700 million blockbusters were all like "yo we are not putting our shit out in 2020." Again, for the first time since the '70s or '80s (and possibly for the last time ever), the indies and the more understated story-driven or character-driven movies have officially established themselves as modern examples that can still generate lots of attention. It's no longer impossible to get people to watch stuff without CGI.

If Letterboxd was any indication, the circumstances also somewhat enhanced both casual and hardcore film nerds' broader perceptions of 2019's true greatness. As of this moment, Parasite, Midsommar, Joker, and Knives Out are still in the "Popular This Week" section, and have barely budged since their release dates. Not far behind were frequent appearances from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Uncut Gems, Jojo Rabbit, The Lighthouse, and 1917. (Closer to its release, we incorrectly assumed Promising Young Woman would become one of these, but guess not!)

Since January of last year, we watched about 50 movies from 2020 -- probably a few more if you count all the shorts and the long-form episodic documentaries. Here's our favorites from last year. We don't know why it took us until now to post them.

Follow us on Letterboxd at https://letterboxd.com/cenobite9/. We changed it since last year.

Top Movies Of 2020
1. Possessor
2. Never Rarely Sometimes Always
3. The Assistant
4. What Did Jack Do?
5. The Vast of Night
6. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
7. Sound of Metal
8. The Wolf of Snow Hollow
9. First Cow
10. Boys State
11. She Dies Tomorrow
12. The Three Men You Meet at Night

You Cannot Kill David Arquette
Psycho Goreman (Show your kids this '90s-Nickelodeon gross-out)
The Trial of the Chicago 7
All In: The Fight for Democracy

So Bad It's Good...
Only two this year, but got damn they're amazing...
Money Plane (Directed by a Lawrence brother)
Verotika (Directed by Danzig)

Non-Music Documentaries Ordered...
1. Boys State
2. You Cannot Kill David Arquette
3. All In: The Fight for Democracy
4. Class Action Park (Probably only placed this high for nostalgic reasons.)
5. This is Paris
6/7. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
6/7. Jasper Mall (These feel like part of an extended universe.)
8. Feels Good Man
9. Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren Stimpy Story
10. Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (Tom Delonge talks about aliens)
11. The Social Dilemma (Informative movie for dumbasses)

Music Documentaries Ordered...
All of them are good. We thought we watched more of these but guess not.
1. Brainiac: Transmissions After Zero
2. Beastie Boys Story
3. The Go-go's
4. The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Sometimes film festivals will sneak in older shorts, so we stretched it back a couple years.
John Wilson's Vimeo account is a true internet gem, btw.
1. What Did Jack Do?
2. The Three Men You Meet at Night
3. 8:46
4. How to Live with Regret (2018)
5. Bam & Rawls Grab A Slice (2019)
Goldman v Silverman (Safdie brothers short)
Great Choice (2017)
If Anything Happens I Love You (Lyric video Oscarbait bullshit)

Other 2020 Stuff We Tagged On Letterboxd...
These are ordered...
The Last Dance (Da Bulls On Netflix, Michael Jordan memes, etc)
Eric Andre: Legalize Everything
An American Pickle
An Evening with Tim Heidecker
Bill & Ted Face The Music (Worst song of the year tho)
The Lovebirds
The Invisible Man
Uncle Peckerhead
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Clinton crime family propaganda)
I'm Thinking Of Ending Things (Trite pretentious dogshit tbh)
Palm Springs (People liked this)

Buncha bullshit...
1. My Valentine
2. Unhinged
3. The Social Dilemma
4. Color Out Of Shape
5. Come To Daddy

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