Sunday, September 12, 2010

oh by the way...

This hadn't occurred to me until after re-reading the last post, but I think it was about 2 weeks ago that Taste My Kids turned 10.

Launch date I'm pretty sure was somewhere around August 22, 2000... Okay, now I have to find the first post.............

........ .. and here it is..

August 27, 2000

So what's this Headline News?
"Headline News" is the newest feature on This is where random articles and thoughts will go. All the things that used to appear in GLUE NEWS will now appear here, except for news about Mister Glue. If there's ever any news dealing with Mister Glue, Bernie, GLU, Jeff Peck, or Police Beat or anything like that, the story will be linked from this section. This next article is not a good example of what to expect in the future.

Bumblebees like to buzz. Dean doesn't take the bus. Fians takes the bus.
Dean gave me a ride to school a lot during my junior year of high school. I think he had a Ferrari. Often times I would miss the bus on purpose just so I could get a ride to school in a luxury sports car. (That last sentence isn't true.) Whenever I didn't miss the bus, Fians was always in the front seat behind the busdriver or the seat in back of that one. The bus driver would always play Hot 97, and Fians would always sing along quietly to every single word. And I guess he had no clue that just about every person on the bus could see Fians lipsynching by looking at the busdriver's rear-view-mirror. Fians is a funny kid.


And now for the true fans, one last walk down memory lane from the 4th Taste My Kids post......

August 30, 2000

In The Wake Of Columbine...: The similarities between Trumbull & Littleton, Part One
Shortly after the incedent in Littleton, CO, several magazines across the country (including Time and Newsweek) tried to locate a similar school to Columbine - one where they thought this type of incedent would next occur. And wouldn't you know it, out of every school in the country, they chose Trumbull High School. But the weirdest thing about this choice is that it was actually an accurate one. With all the bombthreats, stranglings and sodomy surrounding Trumbull's public education system these days, one can't help but wonder how those magazines made such a good guess. Well, our experts here have discovered the logic behind their choice. Upon close examination, one can find many bizarre coincidences between these two seemingly quiet suburbs:
Example One: In Trumbull, there is a street called Walker Road which has two very large speedbumps on it. This resulted in several school children being sent to the hospital after a busdriver misjudged the enormous size of the speedbumps. In Littleton, the local hospital does not own the movie Speed because everyone there hates Keanu Reeves.
Example Two: In Trumbull, there is a retired superintendent named Dr. Merritt. In Littleton, there is a dentist named Dr. Merritt who is putting new tires on his car - one could say he's having his car re-tired!
Example Three: Ken Halaby, the mayor of Trumbull, and Joe Bob Frank Pete, the mayor of Littleton, have both told reporters to "blow themselves" when asked how it felt to be mayor.

Webpage naming update
I was thinking maybe I could take G.L.U. and make it stand for something, but the very good band God Lives Underwater already thought of the best possible combination of words to go with those letters. The best thing I can think of is "Gotta Love Uncles." Either that, or I could just call it regular old "GLU," which is the name of John's techno project, so that doesn't quite work out either. Or maybe I should just start over again and call it "Taste My Kids" or something. I'm gonna start looking through my old notepads for ideas. Okay, bye.


For the record, that was the first and last entry of the "In The Wake Of Columbine" series.


  1. This was an excellent post. And it's awesome to be reminded of the first time the words "Taste My Kids" drifted poetically from your finger tips.

  2. haha i had been kicking around the phrase for a while by aug 2000.. but it def poetically drifted into one of my old notepads a few months prior. :)