Thursday, January 3, 2019

Wiz Vids 2018 #5: Tenement “Garden of Secrecy”

Milwaukee legend Mark Borchardt's follow-up to his 1997 horror short Coven could still wrap anytime now. The delayed completion of Northwestern (in production since 2000) and Scare Me (in production since 2004) hopefully received some motivational juice circa-2014 after a few unexpected Borchardt-directed music promos crept onto YouTube (including videos for Big D and the Kids Table and Tapebenders). Around the same time about 80 miles west in Madison, Wisconsin, Tenement were adding the finishing touches to their double-LP Predatory Headlights. It's unclear whether the "Garden Of Secrecy" video was intended to premiere before the album dropped in June 2015, but Borchardt's charmingly classic perfectionism kept the video unfinished for over three years, finally premiering this past August. It was worth the wait.

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