Friday, June 3, 2022

Wazzup Beijing. There's a new issue of MTVZ for June 2022.

The newest edition of MTVZ has arrived, and we want you all to enjoy it now, today.

*****In our first hour, we have the latest videos from Future, Milly, Momma, Nilufer Yanya, Horsegirl, Pet Fox, and Alex G, plus classics from Unsane, Fu Manchu, Braniac, some live Gish-era Smashing Pumpkins, and also we got the fresh new Viper remix in there. ****

Curated with love. If you don't watch, it means you hate me. Watch it, and then tell your friends. Have a party and leave it on. Do not fuck this up.

The Youtube app on Roku has added a whole buncha bullshit that has made MTVZ streaming a lot more fucking annoying. For example, there's a lot more ads, which is fine I guess.

But nothing is as bad as the "Continue watching?" button that pops up about once per hour, freezing the video until the button is entered. Which entirely defeats the purpose of MTVZ. (The purpose is "Leave It On" -- a tagline that we made up that we felt pretty accurately describes its purpose. It's intended for passive viewing.

Spotify claims to have cornered the market on passive content consumption, but Youtube seems to be pretty anti-passive consumption because they want to make sure people are watching all of their ads. Not only is it fucking bullshit, but it has entirely ruined MTVZ for everyone. We sorely miss the days when we could "leave it on" and then head out for a bike ride and return 2 hours later to see some fucking weird random shit on the TV. Or falling asleep to an especially long 300 video playlist and then waking up the next morning and not quite understanding what we're seeing. It's great. Or at least it was great. But now it's over. It's no more. It's dead now.

There is one huge exception -- an option for those who want to continue watching. If you currently spending $12/month on Youtube Premium, you will not see the "Continue Watching?" interruptions, nor will you receive any 4 minute ads (or 15 second ads, or any ads).

For normal free Youtube users, we did figure out "one weird trick" that sometimes works: When you let a few longer ads just play out all the way through, it often will reduce the frequency and length of ad content that shows up later in the playlist, which does alleviate some frustration.)

Imagine publicly complaining over and over about the bad ethics of Spotify and then not encouraging people to enjoy other playlisting alternatives. Just imagine it, but then don't be that guy. Don't be that piece of shit.

Hope you all enjoy it!

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