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We were about to be like "fuck we're so late posting the big list this year fuck" but then we just happened to notice that Money Plane 2020 (The Big List) was posted on June 17, 2021 -- exactly one day shy of a year ago. So the moral of the story is that we're actually earlier than last year. So you can go fuck right off.

In that post, we also said "This is definitely among the final TMK posts. ... If it returns, we'll probably do it a lot differently with a different name and a narrower focus. Not sure when or if that will ever happen tho."

No one noticed or cared, but this has pretty much been the case. The momentum our blog had once achieved in the early-mid 2010s has entirely dried up. Opportunities to capitalize or monitize via a "pivot to newsletter" or Patreon would inevitably attract zero subscribers. A.K.A. No one gives a shit about what we have to say due to lack of brand recognition.

But the Sloppy Steaks list did happen. Much like its predecessor Money Plane 2020, there were "no words" to describe the music of 2021. Unless you count the 1000 words that each picture speaks, referring to the images that accompanied all 100 entries.

ICYMI: Dig into that tasty steakiness.

As far as we can tell, Qobuz (an allegedly ethical streaming option) does not currently supply embed codes or else it would be here.

You hate Spotify but their playlists actually embed so that's why the Spotify version is embeded and the Qobuz version is not:

100. Bongzilla "Mother Flower's Little Helper"
99. Jazmine Sullivan f/ Anderson .Paak "Price Tags"
98. Magdalena Bay "Secrets (Your Life)"
97. Larry June f/ Money Man "Intercepted"
96. Shirese "Trenody for the Victims of 99.1 PLR"
95. Spinabenz f/ Yungeen Ace & FastMoney Goon "Who I Smoke"
94. Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm "The Danube Dwellers"
93. The Mountain Movers "Way Back to the World"
92. Cardi B “Up” (tie)
92. Saweetie f/ Doja Cat "Best Friend" (tie)
91. Snooper "Dog"
90. Angel Du$t f/ Tim Armstrong "Dancing On The Radio"
89. Redman "80 Barz"
88. Reymour "De ma Tour"
87. Solemn Brigham "Bigger World"
86. Theoreme "Radionucleides"
85. Mope City "Covered In Might"
84. Wavves "Help is On The Way"
83. True Sons of Thunder "Drugs in Space"
82. Gulch "Bolt Swallower"
81. The Glow "Heavy Glow" (tie)
80. Six Organs of Admittance "J'ai Mal aux Dents" (tie)
80. Thee Oh Sees "J'ai Mal aux Dents"
79. Mister Goblin "Left Before Your Set"
78. Chris Brokaw "I Can't Sleep"
77. Glitterer "Didn't Want It"
76. Deuce Ellis f/ Che Noir "Spit Acid"
75. Editrix "The Sound"
74. Etran de L'Air "Toubouk Ine Chihoussay"
73. Angel Du$t "Fear Some"
72. Travis Porter "Like Dat"
71. Genesis Owusu "The Other Black Dog" (tie)
71. Genesis Owusu f/ Kirin J Callinan "Drown" (tie)

70. Paperboy Prince "Eric Adams Get Out Of My Room" (tie)
70. Ame Bibabi "Chin Up High" (tie)
70. Sarah Brand "Red Dress" (tie)
70. DJ Boing "Boing Beat" (tie)
70. Limp Bizkit "Dad Vibes" (tie)
69. Section H8 "100 Seconds" (tie)
69. C4 "Health Freak Head Stomp" (tie)
68. Ty Segall "Erased"
67. EXEK "Palazzo di Propaganda Fide"
66. Lil Nas X "Sun Goes Down"
65. Turnstile "Underwater Boi"
64. Rosali "Waited All Day"
63. Ovlov "Land of Steve-O"
62. Pale Waves "Easy"
61. Sanguisugabogg "Dead as Shit"
60. Parannoul, Asian Glow & Sonhos Tomam Conta "One May Be Harming"
59. Taylor Swift “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)”
58. Silicone Prairie "America" (tie)
58. Silicone Prairie "Dance to the Beat" (tie)
57. Supermilk "Mouth"
56. Dinosaur Jr "Garden"
55. Turnstile "Endless"
54. Chris Brokaw "Puritan"
53. Outta Pocket "Purest Pain" (tie)
53. Militarie Gun "Disposable Plastic Trash" (tie)
52. Blawan “Under Belly”
51. Aldous Harding "Old Peel"
50. Guardian Singles "Heartland"
49. Damarion Matchem "Ride111"
48. Turnstile "Fly Again"
47. Hypnotizing Chickens "I'm On Time"
46. Blackwater Holylight "Around You"
45. Dazy "Invisible Thing"
44. Momma "Medicine"
43. Sedona "Sharkbite"
42. Big Thief "Certainty"
41. John Dwyer (and others) "Terra Incognito"

40. Dridge "Drip"
39. New Last Name "Horse Girl" (tie)
39. New Last Name "Shaka It Off" (tie)
38. Nunslaughter "Casket Lid Creaks"
37. Megan Thee Stallion "Thot Shit"
36. Glitterer "Try Harder Still"
35. Silicone Prairie "Song for the Eagles to Sing"
34. Malignant Altar "Ceremonial Decapitator"
33. Tkay Maidza "Syrup"
32. UNIIQU3 "Microdosing"
31. Altin Gun "Ordunun Dereleri"
30. Sedona "Drifting Days"
29. Beach House "Once Twice Melody"
28. Turnstile "Mystery"
27. Kacey Musgraves "Breadwinner"
26. Freak Genes "Ford Fairlane" (tie)
26. Freak Genes "Followed It Down" (tie)
25. Colleen Green "I Wanna Be A Dog"
24. Mdou Moctar "Afrique Victime"
23. Bashford "Gateway to the Underworld" (tie)
23. Bashford "Bitter Masses" (tie)
22. CHVRCHES ft. Robert Smith “How Not To Drown”
21. 2nd Grade "Favorite Song"

20. Parannoul "Analog Sentimentalism" (tie)
20. Ovlov "Cheer Up Chihiro" (tie)
19. Phife Dawg f/ Redman & Busta Rhymes "Nutshell Pt 2"
18. Quicksand "Inversion"
17. Chris Brokaw "The Heart of Human Trafficking"
16. Nilufer Yanya "Stabilise"
15. Lily Konigsberg "Sweat Forever"
14. Tyler The Creator f/ Daisy World "Rise" (tie)
14. Tyler The Creator f/ YoungBoy NBA & Ty Dolla $ign "Wusyaname" (tie)
13. Melissa "Breonna"
12. RXKNephew "American tterroristt"
11. Guardian Singles "Being Alone"
10. Beak> "Oh Know" (tie)
10. Beak> "Ah Yeh" (tie)
9. Turnstile "Don't Play" (tie)
9. Turnstile "Blackout" (tie)
8. Rosali "Pour Over Ice"
7. Big Thief "Little Things"
6. Anz f/ George Riley “You Could Be”
5. Sedona "Missing In Paradise" (tie)
5. Sedona "Cupid's Victim" (tie)
4. Playboi Carti "Sky"
3. Lily Konigsberg "Proud Home" (tie)
3. Lily Konigsberg "That's the Way I Like It" (tie)
2. Wu-Lu "Times"
1. Turnstile "Holiday"

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