Friday, October 21, 2011

90's Rock Feuds

Some good pictures were included with this article, which is like 89% of the reason we're linking to it...

As usual, some liberties have been taken regarding "90s revisionism," for example one of the "feuds" listed here is "Nirvana vs Pearl Jam," which was hardly a feud compared to anything else listed here. Changing this to "Nirvana vs GNR" would have made much more sense.

We also don't agree with their choice of "Britney vs Christina," only because once again, this was hardly a feud... They were pretty much always painted by the media as comrades along the lines of say, the Beatles and the Stones for example... Competitive friends, but never a pair who were publicly feuding. (Not to mention, this did not take place at any point during the actual duration of the 90's.)

Nor do we agree with their word choice of "Epic" to describe anything 90's-related.. But once again, this is mostly worth checking out for a few decent pictures...

Epic Musician Feuds of the ’90s

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