Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Siamese Dream reissue

The vinyl reissue of Siamese Dream coming in a few weeks will NOT be released as a 1-LP set as erroneously reported by Pitchfork... BASTARDS. It's a fucking 62 minute album. You can't fit that onto 1 record?? And if that's not possible, then at least fill fit it onto 3 sides, 20 minutes a side, and throw some bonus tracks onto side four. It's not that hard to do, people. Back in 1988 when they were starting to push CD's, they threw bonus tracks onto the end of records like they were fucking giving them away for free.

I remember receiving Michael Jackson Bad on CD as a gift and thinking I was cooler than my friends who only had the cassette version which didn't include "Leave Me Alone." Why can't they do this with vinyl?!? I would have gladly bought Siamese Dream a second time if this were the case. Sorry Corgan, you lost yourself a customer.

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