Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lowt Ide "Xica"

Lowt Ide
Xica (LP)

1. Lowt Ide - Chateau 19 (1:55)
2. Lowt Ide - The Light Of Jesus (4:59)
3. Lowt Ide - Coffin (2:47)
4. Lowt Ide - LO!L@* (2:27)
5. Lowt Ide - P.S.A. (5:08)
6. Lowt Ide - The Hymn Of The Blood (0:32)
7. Lowt Ide - Royal Flush #5 (7:47)
8. Lowt Ide - The Hymn Of Healing (0:48)
9. Lowt Ide - Mother North (6:33)
10. Lowt Ide - Ryan Healey College (8:55)
11. Lowt Ide - Down On The Corner (12:55)

Lowt Ide is celebrating the 5-year-anniversary of their 2006 album Xica with a re-release, posting the album on their Bandcamp page. As of right now, we've been considering this our favorite Lowt Ide album, but it's hard to say... It's definitely varied and abrasive, with higher production value than the previously posted This Album Fucking Sucks. And it closes with three enormous epics... (And we normally avoid the 2011 definition of "epic," so you can rest assured all three songs are pretty huge...)

There's a somewhat faithful (but also very warped) cover of Satyricon's "Mother North" - all 6.5 minutes of it.

And of course who could forget "Ryan Healey College," a collage of Ryan Healey samples mostly pulled from Splice's self-titled debut and from their EP More Crap From Splice, as well as a few brief clips from a live New Haven performance. It's one of the most unlistenable and torturous monstrosities to ever grace any record. It's also fucking amazing.

Last but not least is "Down On The Corner," posing as a CCR cover while it actually contains none of its lyrics and sounds nothing like it (aside from a 60-second tease right in the center of the song), although it does contain a feed from an AM Christian radio broadcast. Once you get past the first minute or two, it gets kinda trippy and fucked up.

We have no mediafire upload prepared at the moment, but the album is streaming from the link below...

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