Sunday, December 30, 2018

Wiz Vids 2018: Shown Us The Bonus

If there's one thing we know, it's that bonus videos happen every year. They are what make videos happen.

Crack Cloud "Uncanny Valley"
Part 3 of their trilogy that included 2016's "Image Craft" and 2017's "Swish Swash."

Not only does Lil B have both a sixpack and a belly at the same time, but he includes an entire extra minute of bonus footage after the song ends. And it's not because the video editor misjudged the song length. No, not at all.

Little Big “Skibidi”
We Googled "weird 2018 music videos" and several blogs wrote about this, possibly because a press release described the video that way. We did lol twice though so that's something. A similar video from 2006 has been posted below it.

Sting & Shaggy “Gotta Get Back My Baby”
For people like us, the Sting & Shaggy album was on our mind constantly. But most people probably didn't know this album or video existed or that either artist released music in 2018. This is an exceptional video of the highest quality.

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