Sunday, December 30, 2018

"Wiz Vids 2018" Starts Now

Music video quality didn't necessarily drop in 2018; rap videos were as good as ever, but true milestones were tough to find.

In 2018, the creators of this blog posted 6 more editions of MTVZ, our approximately bi-monthly magazine collecting as many compellingly strange YouTube clips and (mostly new) music videos as we can find. We like to pass it off and consume it as its own separate cable channel, since there are currently no quality music video resources as good as the MTV of 1981-1999 or the MTV2 of 1996-2002.

The curation presents a unique challenge to create a playlist that feels like old MTV. What were the Buzz Clips of 2018? What older videos should be included? How many weird cartoons can we find to throw in between?

Old MTV typically labelled the best videos of any given year as Breakthrough Videos, which are the types of videos we tried to locate for Wiz Vids 2018.

Before we get into those, check these out:

DJ Burn "He's My President"
Punk as fuck.

Candy “Good To Feel”
You know what Jesus's big mistake was? He didn't offer up a sacrifice in his stead. The cruciform is a constant reminder of that.

Three Knee Deep (Full Set) at FYA Fest 2018
Did watch many times this year.

Peste Noire "Aristocrasse"
We would not normally include lyric videos but--

Melody’s Echo Chamber “Breathe In, Breathe Out”
Happened to us this morning, so we had to include here.

Connan Mockasin "Charlotte's Thong"
Alejandro Taruth's best since a few years ago.

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