Sunday, August 29, 2010

90s Jams #80: Dinosaur Jr "The Wagon" (1990)

"The Wagon" would mark big changes in the career of Dinosaur Jr. Not only did it signal the end of the group's three-record relationship with the legendary SST Records, but it was the first record without the involvement of founding bassist Lou Barlow. The song rides on a wave of distortion and an immediately infectious pop melody that is punctuated by a slamming group syncopation at the end of each line. The "wall of sound" production never lets up, lending the recording a sense of urgency and providing stark contrast for J Mascis' laconic drawl. As usual, the lyrics are a jumble of yearning and confused emotion, trying to make heads or tails of a relationship that's in a perpetual state of disconnection. - Allmusic

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