Sunday, August 22, 2010

new Cee-Lo single

You wanted us all to be abuzz... Well the internet buzz of the moment seems to be circling around the new single from Cee-Lo, which is called "Fuck You." There have been many songs released over the years with this title, and this is by far the most radio friendly of all of them.. In fact, I'm afraid to listen to it again, because I finally got it unstuck from my head, and it makes me kind of uncomfortable thinking about it.

I will not be embedding the video here, but it's been getting some crazy Diggs over the past 48 hours..

And for the record, it's "incredible" in the sense that it's making lots of people talk, which has really no bearing over its quality. I'm considering this the next in the shortlist of high-quality and ultimately huge alternative-hiphop singles released since "Hey Ya!" which also includes Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc," M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes," and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy," a song which shot to #2 in the summer of '06 and also featured Cee-Lo on lead vocals. "Fuck You" has unfortunately broken the quality cycle... It's destined to at least reach the Top 10, and people in-the-know have been predicting it will not take long for it to shoot to #1... I wouldn't doubt it myself. But the lyrics are so incredibly embarrassing, to the point where I was unable to watch its video (a video which only displays the lyrics of the song). It made me feel awkward while listening, as if I was witnessing the molestation of modern day culture within a single song.

I have a strange viewpoint.

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