Wednesday, September 28, 2011

make your own Nevermind boxed set

So as we've noted here several times before, we hate the Nevermind boxed set. The "Deluxe" edition was released yesterday, which isn't THAT bad... Disc 1 includes Nevermind and all of the b-sides (but not "Endless Nameless"). Disc 2 includes the Smart Sessions (making "Polly" redundant since the version on Nevermind is from the Smart Sessions) and a bunch of "boombox demos" which nobody wants to hear.

In 4 weeks, the "Super Deluxe" 4-CD set is getting released.. Disc 3 includes the entire album mixed differently, and nothing more. Disc 4 is "Live at the Paramount" which VH1 and MTV2 have aired 4 times since Friday.

Out of frustration, we threatened to make our own boxed set. And over the past 45 minutes, it actually happened....

DISC ONE: Nevermind
You already own this. We're not going to upload Nevermind. Sorry.

DISC TWO: Hormoaning & Pocketwatch
Look in the direction of Pavement to view the correct way to re-package albums with bonus tracks... When they re-issued Slanted & Enchanted, they made sure to start disc 2 with the Watery, Domestic EP.

For the exact same reason, wouldn't it be obvious as fuck to start Disc Two of a Nevermind boxed set with Hormoaning, the EP they released 4 months later? 3 of the songs are redundant with Incesticide, but it would still just be nice to have an official domestic release of this with the original tracklisting... A few months ago on Record Store Day, Hormoaning was released in the U.S. for the first time... On vinyl, with a run of 4000 copies.. released for no good reason other than people snatching up 20 copies and selling them for $45 each on eBay. Fucking sad.

We are also upset about With The Lights Out and the Nevermind boxed set devoting approximately zero minutes and zero seconds to the tape Dave Grohl recorded in the exact same studio, using the exact same equipment, during the exact same time Nevermind was being recorded. For this reason, it just makes sense to include it.

DISC THREE: Not-so-rare rarities (Nevermind-era mix)
The Nevermind box includes "Curmudgeon" but not the rest of the Laundry Room sessions. This included some Grohl-solo demos, as well as "Return Of The Rat" and "Oh, The Guilt," two songs which had intentionally placed "coughing" and "ticks" removed by Courtney Love when they appeared on With The Lights Out. On our boxed set, they are included in their original versions.

This is the only part of this collection that we compiled ourselves... 15 songs. It also includes "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with Flea on trumpet, the version of "In Bloom" from the 1990 Sub Pop VHS, a really creepy version of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" recorded 2 months after Nevermind, the best version of "Beeswax" ever... 8 of these are the most noteworthy songs from Disc 2 of the Deluxe edition..

And that's the whole thing. Three discs. Live at the Paramount should have been separately released. BBC Sessions should have been separately released by now.

For those interested, here's some cute links:

Late! "Pocketwatch":

Nevermind-era mix:

DISC TWO tracklisting
1. Nirvana - Turnaround (2:21)
2. Nirvana - Aneurysm (4:49)
3. Nirvana - D7 (3:47)
4. Nirvana - Son Of A Gun (2:50)
5. Nirvana - Even In His Youth (3:07)
6. Nirvana - Molly's Lips (1:53)
7. Late! - Pokey The Little Puppy (4:18)
8. Late! - Petrol CB (4:46)
9. Late! - Friend Of A Friend (3:07)
10. Late! - Throwing Needles (3:22)
11. Late! - Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson (2:09)
12. Late! - Color Pictures Of A Marigold (3:10)
13. Late! - Hell's Garden (3:19)
14. Late! - Winnebago (4:11)
15. Late! - Bruce (3:53)
16. Late! - Milk (2:37)

DISC THREE tracklisting

(laundry room sessions)
1. Nirvana - Return Of The Rat (3:08)
2. Nirvana - Oh, The Guilt (3:23)
3. Nirvana - Curmudgeon (2:57)

(acoustic november '91)
4. Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (5:27)

(from live at the parmount)
5. Nirvana - Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (3:29)

(from buenos airies late-92)
6. Nirvana - Beeswax (2:57)

(from rock in rio january 93)
7. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit with Flea on trumpet (4:49)

(from nevermind deluxe edition)
8. Nirvana - In Bloom 1990 video version (4:30)
9. Nirvana - Immodium (3:13)
10. Nirvana - Old Age (4:21)
11. Nirvana - Here She Comes Now (4:59)
12. Nirvana - Sappy (3:34)
13. Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse (3:12)
14. Nirvana - Something in the Way (bbc version) (3:23)

(from with the lights out)
15. Nirvana - Endless Nameless (bbc version) (8:48)

Late! "Pocketwatch":

Nevermind-era mix:

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