Tuesday, September 13, 2011

more unnecessary nirvana dick-sucking

Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club Members to Do "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 144 Times

I'm sure this is exactly what Kurt Cobain would have wanted... jesus...

EDIT (9/15/11) Seriously, why would anyone ever consider this a good idea? Wouldn't it make 8 billion times more sense to maybe put together a line-up of bands who play Nirvana covers for a day? That would actually be pretty awesome, depending on the bands... Or perhaps a line-up of bands who used to perform with Nirvana, or artists who influenced Nirvana who are still around, etc, etc... I feel as though either of those ideas probably would make dead Kurt Cobain pretty happy in his grave. And they would be infinitely less tedious than hearing the same song over and over again for an entire day, without question the worst idea for a concert we've probably ever heard.

Why can't anyone do anything remotely productive with Nirvana's legacy other than finding ways for people to use their music to suck their own dicks? I stand by what I've said throughout the past decade.. Nirvana has the fucking worst fans ever, 99% made up of people who just DONT GET IT. Phish-phans are the most obnoxious people ever, but at least they GET their favorite band! Or like fucking Jonas Brothers fans... Obnoxious annoying little 10-year-old girls... They GET IT more than Nirvana fans do!

Dude... fucking PINK FLOYD fans. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Hey guys, let's go paint some enormously huge murals of Dave Gilmour hovering over a bunch of dildos that resemble the album cover for "Wish You Were Here." And yet somehow, these people still GET IT more than Nirvana fans. Fuck Nirvana fans. Seriously.

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