Thursday, September 1, 2011

"One In A Million" (Remix)

Last week marked 10-years since we lost Babygirl. Never forget.

A while back, "Try Again" made to somewhere around #95 on the NME's all-time Top 100 singles list. Shortly afterward, some ignoramus douchebag responded with the comment, "Hah they included Aaliyah because she's dead," a statement which may have simply been early-2000's trolling, but it was probably sincere, immediately raising flags regarding questionable judgement in musical taste.

Here's our review of "One In A Million" from way back in May 2011.

After some careful consideration, we are prepared to claim "One In A Million" as probably the greatest song of all time. This is not a joke... This is serious ass business here. GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIME. Average visitors may recognize that we do not normally come right out and make outrageously drastic claims such as these very often. But this is the reality of the situation. It's the fucking greatest most magical sounding shit ever laid to DAT.

The late vocalist on the greatest-song-ever unfortunately received a less-than-spectacular memorial 10 years ago, with her death taking place so soon prior to September 11th. And then this year, her 10-year memorial has been similarly overshadowed by Hurricane Irene.

This afternoon we present something different... Timbaland and Ginuwine throwing some "Pony" burps into the mix... We're surprised this version isn't more popular.

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