Friday, September 23, 2011

"Pearl Jam Twenty"

More 20-year-anniversary nostalgia crap... And we'll continue posting about it as long as it all remains interesting....

Once upon a time, somewhere around 2002/2003, I had strongly considered writing a book with the working title Axl Vs. Kurt, which mostly planned to chronicle the events and dozens of legendary stories that took place in Los Angeles at the 1992 VMA's, an evening of television that has fascinated me for years. In addition to using Howard Stern's Private Parts as one of the sources, I had planned on also using passages from Charles Cross' Heavier Than Heaven, detailing Nirvana's experience.

One section of this book describes the story of Kurt Cobain backstage, walking up to Eddie Vedder while Eric Clapton was on stage playing "Tears In Heaven," and they awkwardly slow-danced for a few minutes.

After years of assuming this story was simply legend and possibly never actually happened, it turns out that Cameron Crowe has somehow obtained filmed footage of this amazing moment, and he's placed it into Pearl Jam Twenty, his documentary showing the early history of Pearl Jam. We normally hate Cameron Crowe, and "a documentary on the history of Pearl Jam" is not normally a movie description that we'd consider exciting. However, this trailer, plus the slow-dancing sequence, is making it all seem legitimately badass... More than likely way better than something intended for fans-only...

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