Monday, December 30, 2019

Viddles 2019 #1 (tie): DaBaby “Suge” / DaBaby f/ Offset “Baby Sitter” / DaBaby “VIBEZ”

We needed a way to more appropriately award DaBaby with the "Video Artist Of The Year" designation and properly welcome him to the elite inner circle of video royalty. So it only made sense to tie his three best videos at #1.

Dropping on March 4th, "Suge" was DaBaby's breakthrough. "Bouncing around with joy" is his motive for life. After DaBaby the CEO is shown dancing around the office with a bottle of champagne, a mysterious squirt of diarrhea is shown on an office chair at 1:01. Again at 2:36, DaBaby rings the doorbell just before deciding to piss all over a nearby lawn statue. For the first time in this blog's history, our "Video of the year" includes both doodoo and peepee.

The intro dialogue of "Baby Sitter" seems to foreshadow an obvious "fuck the babysitter" implication, although DaBaby and Offset refreshingly opt to focus on toys, pillow fights, basketball, weed, and throwing money. For once, "boning the hot chick" isn't necessarily the primary objective. (Probably smart considering both dudes are married.) Also we love any video prominently featuring gigantic punchbowls full of sugary colorful cereal. There's also a boom mic operator in the window reflection at 0:56.

The seemingly unending stream of raunch throughout past 25 years of hiphop videos reaches an apex of absurdity with "VIBEZ," borrowing visuals from both A Hard Days Night and another similarly inane trilogy: Busta Rhymes' '97-era collabs with Hype Williams ("Put Your Hands...," "Dangerous," and "Gimme Some More").

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