Sunday, December 29, 2019

Viddles 2019 #8: Earl Sweatshirt "Nowhere, Nobody"

In the Red Bull Radio exclusive from late 2018, Earl Sweatshirt and Solange had a long talk about the eventual next steps: "At some point I'm gonna make the transition to youth basketball coach *slash* conspiracy theorist. ... In probably about two to three years. ... You definitely gotta have a car, I know that. You gotta have one of them mesh bags with hella balls in it. And a place to put Capri Sun and trophies."

So there's some other garbage-looking basketball coach movie coming out soon with Ben Affleck. It looks fucking stupid, and we don't get why they didn't cast Earl. He would arrive on set blazed as fuck everyday, like in the "East" video (also included below). Prioritize quality.

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