Sunday, December 29, 2019

Viddles 2019 (HM): Karen O & Danger Mouse "Woman"

We wrote a thing about Spike Jonze's single-shot one-camera video of Karen O and Danger Mouse performing on Colbert. It took a little while to write and then got deleted. We don't really want to continue doing this anymore because there's more important things happening in our lives.

It basically said that Spike Jonze hasn't done as many music videos since 2005, but the ones that he has done are always noteworthy. Like Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" was our #3 video of 2010. That Beastie Boys video from 2011 was our #1 of that year. "I Love It" by Kanye placed #7 last year.

And then we said something about how we would have placed this higher than "Honorable Mention" except that it's #1 a late night show performance, and #2 we don't like elaborate choreography -- and we especially don't like it now after witnessing oversaturation of musical theater over the past decade since the success of Glee and High School Musical. And we used the word "douche-chills" so perhaps this was better off getting erased.

And we closed by saying something about how it's noteworthy that Spike Jonze is capable of taking elements from areas of pop culture and media that are normally base-level dummyhead, and add just enough ambition and edginess that you almost forget you're watching something that you might otherwise hate.

And then we also said that we didn't realize Karen O made any music this year, and something about how Spike and Karen O first collab'd on "Y Control" which is one of the greatest videos of all time. And that's probably everything we said.

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