Sunday, December 29, 2019

"Viddles 2019" Starts Now

If there was one topic swimming around in the most important and influential minds of 2019, that topic was viddles.

We couldn't walk 5 seconds into the scone world without hearing "Where's the viddles?" or "How are all them viddles?" It was the most frequent topic of discourse on both NBC's Meet The Press and ABC's Nightline.

Today, we will finally get the bottom of this looming mystery.

We did five more MTVZs this year. Sometime in the next week, MTVZ will post our newest edition, which will include the top 100 of 2019 video countdown. It will be a doozy full of every type of the viddles you could ever imagine.

Before getting into the ultimate viddles of 2019, watch all of these right now:

ShittyBoyz x Teejayx6 "Super Smash Bros"
Right now, we're just maxin in the studio. Sometimes it gets a little hectic out there, but right now, we're gonna up you on how we just chill.

Nots “Persona”
Omni "Courtesy Call"
The Chats "Identity Theft"

The shape of punk to come lies within the viddles.

Pet Fox "Be Alone"
Cartoon viddles were all the rage in 2019. The animation style reminds us of '80s Nickelodeon. Also we have our very own pet fox who eats cheese doodles so we can relate to the story here.

Dan Friel "Killipede"
This exact scenario happened to us the other day so we had to throw this one in the mix.

Hellrazor “Landscaper”
How the fuck did this get in here? Who approved this??

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