Sunday, December 29, 2019

Viddles 2019: My Name Is Bonus (Bonus Vids)

There was much dopeness to be found throughout the videosphere of 2019 -- so much in fact, that we once again arrive prepared with bonus viddles.

Billy V “Real Tune Is Life”
Probably the #1 best vid of the decade. It's still up for debate whether Billy V knew a video was being shot while all of this was happening.

Lil B “Task Force Let Us In”
One of the rarest moments in the Lil B video canon occurs right around the 2:21 mark. The album art appears again just as it does at the close of many Lil B videos, complete with a based message: "LIL B LOVES YOU!" A few seconds later, it turns out the video is not yet over and it returns with 49 more seconds of bonus adventures. Incredible.

Hunt the Dinosaur “Destructo”
Outstanding achievements in method acting. The lead singer of this band died from "looking dead" mid-shoot. @Catatonicyouths is the new VH1.

Little Big "SKIBIDI (Romantic Edition)"
We included the original version of "SKIBIDI" in last year's bonus vids. Due to popular demand, a sequel video appropriately titled the "Romantic edition" arrived in 2019.

Powder "New Tribe"
We found this on both Thrillist and Pitchfork's video of the year list, and they are literally incapable of hyping anything unimportant, so you know these viddles are the real deal. Multiple animation styles + lots of headbanging = #important.

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