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2010's Greatest Hits #50 to #41

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Can't ring in the New Year without throwing up a few more pages of this shit.. Who's ready for some fuckin JAMZ?

50 Liars “Scarecrows On A Killer Slant”
Liars are the only modern band I can think of who reference both Can and The Jesus Lizard on nearly every release, any yet every album is so different. They're also like the David Lynch of rock, in that their songs are often the types that would probably be playing at some crazy warped concert in someone’s dream. How can you tell if you're dreaming or not? Are you dreaming right now? Wake the fuck up and turn this shit up LOUD.

49 Happy Birthday “2 Shy”

Tortured bedroom confinement tears. Evan Dando, J Mascis, Teenage Fanclub, Sloan and Sebadoh finally have some real modern contemporaries instead of more severed hearts pushing 50. As Dando would sing, “it’s about time.”

48 California Swag District “Teach Me How To Dougie”
’06 had Chicken Noodle Soup. ’07 had Soulja Boy. ’09 was all about jerkin. But ’10 was The Year Of Dougie. And I personally know zero people who can accurately perform any of these dances. That’s how white I am, people. P.S. Did you know the drums in this song are fucking ridiculous? P.P.S. Here's one of those rare jams with something to look forward to in both the dirty AND clean versions.. Dirty starts out with "You know why? Cuz all the bitches love me," while the Clean (posted below) has "errbody love me err errbody love me" in the chorus. It's WIN/WIN with Dougie.

47 Vampire Weekend “Giving Up The Gun”
White people lol. Yo, these dudes got REAL fuckin paid this year. Has anyone else been in more car commercials than VW? Fuck, just read those initials! It’s almost as if they knew.... More hot drums, btw.

46 Of Montreal feat. Solange Knowles “Sex Karma”
Some truth regarding Of Montreal:
#1 Kevin Barnes has now developed his knack of combining super-white with super-groovy to the point where inserting occasional “street terms” hasn’t yet become totally embarrassing, although the gratuitous use of “playa” in “Sex Karma” is really pushing it.
#2 “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal” is without question one of the 10 most overrated songs of the past decade. Sorry kids; we only speak truth here.
#3 Their 2005 LP The Sunlandic Twins has remained their unheralded masterpiece which has yet to be topped in terms of dancable, syrupy, mellodramatic radiance, although an album full of “Sex Karma’s” would get the job done nicely. It’s probably their best song since “Voltaic Crusher/Undrum To Muted Da.”

45 Drake “Find Your Love”
“Find Your Love” is all about its subtleties, which have far more to do with Kanye than Drake, such as that keyboard ring after the 2nd chorus, sounding oddly nostalgic for late-80’s pop. Is it Janet Jackson or INXS or something? Fuck, it sounds so good that it hardly matters where it was stolen from.

44 Weezer “Getting Up And Leaving”
I’d have to guess this is probably the first time since at least 2002 that a single Weezer track appeared in the top 100, let alone three tracks, all of which were (unsurprisingly) recorded between 1995 and 1998.

Throughout the early 2000’s, the most coveted of Weezer’s unreleased “holy grail” of 90’s demos was “Lullaby For Wayne,” finally uncovered after years of patience in the form of a live video on their 2002 DVD, and then later in studio form on 2004’s Deluxe Edition of "The Blue Album," which was met to enormous fanfare from hardcore fans. (Personally, I think it’s one of their 10 best songs.) Rivers Cuomo wisely decided to carefully plan the unveiling of the remaining demos with various leaks on the "Alone" compilations. However, one last key track remained. Originally planned as a b-side on the never released "Pink Triangle" single, the long fabled "Getting Up And Leaving" finally saw release in November 2010, and definitely lives up to its legendary status, completing a trilogy of sorts along with "Devotion" and "Waiting On You," as probably the most Pet Sounds-influenced stuff Weezer would ever unleash.

43 Robyn “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”
Poor Robyn. When she’s not tortured by her love interest, she’s getting fucked over by her managers and fans pushing her around, or “killing” her, as it were. I understand; my job sucks too. I might feel more empathy if the beat of this song wasn’t so distractingly hot, or if it weren’t so fun to sing along with “my penis is killin’ me.”

42 Earl Sweatshirt feat. Ace Creator “Couch”
“I got you niggas nervous like virgins flirtin’ with uncle Mervin.” It’s been years since the last time we heard Dawson’s Creek, Twilight, Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus all namedropped in the same song. Where tha white women at?

41 (tie) Pill "Ho Out" & Pill "Action"
DJ Drama & Pill wisely re-released this summer's outstanding mixtape 1140: The Overdose without the excessive and annoyingly loud DJ tags. The Youtube files below are unfortunately from the scarred 1st version. Word on the street is that Pill has been "taking his time" with the debut full-length, a very good reason why he did not blow the fuck up in 2010. The streets are ready for some real fire spittin' shit. As long as he keeps up with hooks like these, he’s set to become the next Ludacris or Big Boi. Pretty sure he's already signed to Warner Brothers, so yeah... Get fuckin' ready...
Ho Out:


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