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2010's Greatest Hits #90 to #81

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90 Kanye West feat. Rick Ross “Devil In A New Dress”
“Satan satan satan.” Still getting used to this new “guitar solo” thing. It’s almost 2011 and we still haven’t heard anyone rapping over “Maggot Brain.” Let’s get on this shit.

89 Superchunk “Learned To Surf”
The Get Up Kids also chose 2010 to release their first new shit in fucking forever. And while they might have an awesome LP lined up, we haven’t heard it yet, leaving Superchunk to anihilate their reforming associates. “I can’t hold my breath anymore. I stopped swimming and learned to surf.” Going from drowning to surfing seems to be an acceptable metaphor for immediately resurfacing after nine years as one of the best bands making rock music today.

88 Tyler The Creator feat. Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats “Up”
Can't believe it took 12 songs before getting to an Odd Future track, this one taken from the Radical mixtape, where the abrasive noise-rap of “Leather Head” segues into smooth r&b sampling “Up,” getting our vote for OMGWTFLOL moment of the year.. up until about halfway through the track, when you realize the 2 songs have a lot more in common than the surface would indicate.

87 LexiconDon “December Sunset”
Who could forget this one?! Oh wait.. Okay, I hardly remember this one at all... I just turned it on. Sounds hot. On a completely unrelated note, how does My Chemical Romance honestly get no chicks as a result of their stardom? I mean, I’m introverted too, but they’re in fucking My Chemical Romance and can’t figure out how to use that to their advantage? This news saddens me. And there I was a few years earlier thinking these dudes were the new Poison. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fuck.

86 Spoon “Who Makes Your Money”
Spoon’s thing is making precision sound effortless, as opposed to Phoenix for example, who puts their meticulous production in the forefront, ahead of the songwriting or performances. Yeah... Imagine that. Spoon also purposely places things that sound like mistakes into their songs, which are actually on purpose. So go figure that one out. Fuck.

85 (tie) MellowHype “Brain” & MellowHype “Right Here”
The chorus of “Brain” gets stuck in mine like something fierce. And "Right Here" is one of those where you hear it and you're like "Got damn." All trippy n shit. Fuck.

Right Here:

84 Surfer Blood “Harmonix”
Proven fact: Over the past few years, one of the most negatively influential records was The Shins’ 3rd album Wincing The Night Away which seems to be the entire basis by which Surfer Blood built their sound. The album has also influenced the sound of bands like Best Coast and a string of other recent acts who would ALL sound about 100x better with standard ROCK production instead of drowning out the vocals in reverb and turning up the estrogen levels to eleven. Also please stop comparing Surfer Blood to Japandroids, because they’re not even close to being sonically similar to each other. Yeah anyway, “Harmonix” includes lots of guitar harmonics (no, really!) which also sounded cool on Sonic Youth’s “Do You Believe In Rapture?” The rest of this album is also fine, but would be vastly improved with less wussy production.

83 Blur “Fool's Day”
Gorillaz really shouldn’t have gone past 2 albums. We want Old School Damon back.. Yeah, like that'll happen.

82 Happy Birthday “Girls FM”
“Too rich for my blood” as Reginald Vel Johnson used to say. “Girls FM” combines (what might be) glockenspeil, rock music’s most annoying musical instrument, with fuzz bass, which is possibly the most badass. I recently re-discovered The Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb” where Bill Wyman lays down some similar fuzzy bass technique*, adaquately cutting up the sugar with some white lines. Cut that shit up.

*My bad, “Under My Thumb” uses marimba, not glockenspiel. Same thing.

81 Caribou “Odessa”
Good song, although I’m still trying to figure out how this ended up as Caribou’s “big hit” as this is not his best song, and isn’t even the best song on this album. I guess the kids love hot grooves.

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